Grip Coupler System

Master Grip Coupler System

Grip Coupler System

Our grip coupler system has been going through safety testing and certified by SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd.

It’s designed to suit majority of applications requiring the splicing of reinforcement bars.

MASTER GRIP COUPLER is a cold forged sleeve splice for rebar and easy to installation system.

MASTER GRIP COUPLER designed to withstand a breaking load of at least 650 N/mm², which is well above the designed strength of most reinforcement bars.

Application Principle

  1. Install half section of sleeve (MASTER GRIP COUPLER) on extended rebar in the jack device.
  2. Pressing the sleeve with a hydraulic press equipment with a set specific dies.
  3. Open end of pressed sleeve from the jack device.
  4. Install the pressed sleeve with extended rebar to which insufficient on the ground.
  5. Complete the splicing process by pressing the sleeve into the bar which insufficient.

Unique Features

  • Constructed in High Strength Carbon-Manganese Steel Grade 16Mn to withstand a breaking strength of at least 650 N/mm²
  • 16Mn is a kind of high strength low alloy structural steel.
  • Able to connect steel bar of different diameter.
  • No specific requirements on the weld ability of the rebar.
  • Easy to operate and maintain, fast splicing on construction site.
  • Most commonly used for connecting in columns, beams, piles, etc where ̔starters bar ̓length are insufficient.


Bar Diameter: T16, T20, T25, T32, T36, T40

Project (Before & After)

Grip Coupler System
Grip Coupler System

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