Master Construction Technology Sdn Bhd

Established in June 2018

Master Construction Technology Sdn. Bhd. (MCT) is building on the in-depth technical know-how and experience as provided by its Managing Director Mr. B.M. LEE, who is also the founder of Moment Engineering back in 1991.

MCT is established with an objective of enhancing development of a more efficient, reliable, economical and safer construction methodology and environment for the construction industry. Hence MCT is always sensitive to the various technical problems as encountered by an Engineers at their jobsites and it is MCT’S interest to provide solution to Engineers through R & D, manufacturing and international outsourcing, be it construction material, systems or methods.

Master Construction

Quality Objectives

To exceed the client’s expectations in all aspects – every time

The Company’s quality objectives shall ensure that business development, procurement, fabrication testing and inspection activities undertaken on any given project are:


Planned and performed to achieve the required quality within budget and schedule requirements.


Performed correctly the first time to ensure cost effectiveness and efficiency.


In accordance with contractual and regulatory requirements.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Master Construction Technology Sdn. Bhd. believes that sound occupational health and safety management practices are in the best interests of its business, employees and the communities in which it operates. The company aspire to conduct its manufacturing and operations in a manner in which health and safety of the employees are of upmost priority. The company is committed to operate within the legal framework expectation and guidelines provided by various regulatory bodies with a safe and healthy working environment that meets statutory requirements.

In the light of the above Master Construction Technology is committed to:

Provide the expertise and resources needed to maintain safe and healthy working condition.
Operate in accordance to recognized industry standards, while complying with all applicable regulations.
Maintain a high degree of emergency preparedness.
Enhancing awareness, skills and competencies of our employees and contractor to effectively involve them in ensuring safety for everyone.